Jhangiani house - Single Housing

project image jhangiani house
Location : Alibaug, Mumbai
Client : Shaila Jhangiani
Status : Design
Design Team : Samira Rathod, Rakshita Bhatnagar
Year : 2012
Area : 8000 sq. ft

The house was inspired by a bioscope. It is seated within a valley which has been designed to grow fruit bearing trees and plants thus creating a a vegetative bowl that surrounds the house. The house is entered via a long bridge that floats above this bowl of wilderness providing a meandering experience from the driveway into the second level of the house.

A huge banyan tree to the north of the house shelters the north side and provides an extremely cool microclimate which has been made use of to provide spaces for activities. The roof is a concave reinforced concrete structure that is exposed on the inside providing a gradiated view to the outside.