Big Piano

Imbued with a layer of craft and made with a labour of love; that which is done well is 'beautiful'.

Ours is a philosophy of design that is committed to the idea of beauty and a belief that in the beautiful is the sustainable.


The beautiful that is not merely perceived but felt.


The image of any idea is far more vivid than its actual manifestation.

The world of dreams is far more intense in its experience; absurd but honest and as real as can be desired, dense, like an inverted forest of imaginations.

It is here that we live and work. Here happens the genesis of an idea that slowly translates into an experimental "haiku"

Objects to hold, see, smell, and delight in while it serves other uses - they are paraphernalia.



At the workshop, craftsmen labour with a passion.

Material and function meld together here. Old recycled woods are chiseled to make forms, fitted with little bits of metal to allow locomotion; then massaged with the oils to an endearing perfection.

At the workshop, we enjoy the act of making.


The Big Piano products are on display at:

Tranceforme Designs,

F 11, 1st floor, Laxmi Mills Estate,

Shakti Mills Lane, off Dr. E Moses Road,

Mahalaxmi, Mumbai - 400011.

Ph no: 022 - 24939916 / 18